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Having a Beautiful Smile Is Not a Dream, It's a Choice! We Are the Right Solution!

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Clinique de Denturologie et d'Implantologie F Jean d.d. welcomes you!

An accomplice to your smile since 1983, Clinique de Denturologie et d'Implantologie F Jean d.d. has specialized in various branches of dentistry to become a reliable reference for all your needs in dental prostheses and implant surgery, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, at the crossroads of Highway 35 and St-Luc Boulevard. We offer you high quality dentistry in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and competent and courteous services.

Long-lasting Results

Whether you are looking for denture fabrication services to replace one or all of your teeth, with or without implants, soft base relining, immediate dental implants, or implant placement, our global, holistic approach will inspire you from the moment you arrive at the clinic.

A Reassuring Experience

At our clinic, several dental and medical professionals work side by side, offering you an impressive array of skills and specialized knowledge. As a result, we can advise you judiciously and offer you the best treatment plans according to your dental condition and budget. Moreover, with our wonderful personalized creations, your new smile will have all the look and effectiveness of natural teeth.


Our work focuses on the following areas:

Fabrication and repair of dental prostheses with or without implants

Dental surgeon on site for implant placement

Dental surgeon specialized in family dentistry

We Are Your Denture Experts

Are you among those who believe that perfect teeth are beyond their reach? Think again! With over 35 years of experience, Clinique de Denturologie et d'Implantologie F Jean d.d. is at your service for all your denture and dental implant design, fabrication and repair needs for all budgets. Financing plans are available on site and we also accept Accord D.

In addition to our denture fabrication and repair services, our clinic can also help you resolve an array of abnormalities in case of an unbalanced bite or smile appearance. To obtain a consultation, call us.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of denturist services, including:

Precision injected dentures

Dentures with or without implants

Soft base

Lining and relining

Aesthetic and characteristic dentures

Emergency repair

On-site laboratory

Dental implants

Immediate dental implants

Partial denture without palate

A Gentle and Professional Approach

We offer you an accessible, pleasant and modern approach to your dental problems. Whether you have partially or completely lost your teeth, the team at Clinique de Denturologie et d'Implantologie F Jean d.d. will help you achieve your goals, with a smile. For your convenience, we offer affordable prices. Book a consultation today.

Dr Maher Kamaneh

Francois Jean, DD


Rachel Archambault

Francis Jean, DD


Rachel Archambault

Nicole Tétreault, Inf. Lic.

Registered Nurse

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Endodontic services will bring you the relief you need.

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