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Clinique de Denturologie et d'Implantologie F Jean d.d.'s Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Us?

Experience has shown us that changing one's smile generates anxiety in some people. This is why we offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your needs. After the clinical examination, our denturists will explain all the steps that will lead to the realization of your new smile. In addition, we offer all implantology services under the same roof: from the replacement of a single tooth to the replacement of all teeth. Our team consists of denturists, dental hygienists, dentists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Why Is It Important To Have a Well-Fitting Denture?

For your comfort and health, it is important to have a well-fitting denture, otherwise you may experience gum and joint pain and headaches. It is recommended to replace your prosthesis every 5 years. If you feel any discomfort, you should consult us.

Are Denturist Services Covered By Insurance?

At the F Jean Denturist and Implantology Clinic d.d., we deal with all dental insurance programs. If your dental care is covered by your insurance company, we advise you to bring your information and cards related to your insurance policy to your first appointment. We communicate directly and electronically with your insurance company whenever possible.

When Should I See My Denturist?

We recommend one visit per year to your denturist. However, you can always consult us if you are experiencing pain or if you have a problem.

How Much Does an Implant Cost?

Since there are a multitude of manufacturers, qualities and types of implants, prices vary greatly and it is not surprising to see prices vary from $500 to $2,500 per implant. In addition, the number of implants used is proportional to the number of teeth to be replaced. A complete and precise examination of your needs allows for proper professional planning to obtain a reliable long-term result. A cost estimate will be provided to you along with an overview of the monthly payments.

We Are Here For You!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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