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Dentures by Experts in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu

In order to improve the appearance, health and functionality of your teeth, you may be advised to consider the idea of a partial or complete denture. This will allow you to replace lost teeth or all of your natural teeth. According to the Canadian Dental Association, it is of utmost importance to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible to prevent the rest of your teeth from becoming misaligned, which can lead to jaw problems later on. To request a consultation, contact us today.

Direct Denture Fabrication and Repair Services, Without Intermediary

Whether you wish to get a complete denture, a partial prosthesis or a dental implant, Clinique de Denturologie et d'Implantologie F Jean d.d. has the expertise and know-how to provide you with reliable, complete and attentive services.

Denture Repairs

If your denture has an unfortunate accident, count on the professionals at the Clinique de Denturologie et d'Implantologie F Jean d.d. to restore it to its proper condition as quickly as possible. The most frequent emergencies are:


The base gets fractured or a tooth comes loose when:

You dropped it while you were cleaning it.

You were eating.

In both cases, do not use glue or any other product to repair your dentures. It is preferable to leave this delicate operation to our denturists and to avoid toxic products! In case of problems, contact us.

Can’t Travel to Our Clinic?

Ask about our transportation and home services.

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